Rotary heat exchangers

The most leaktight rotary heat exchangers in the world

  • The new automatic readjusting slide sealing permanently reduces leakage compared to conventional and inflexible sealings by up to 70%. This enables the design of air handling units for the smallest possible air streams.
  • The most efficient rotary heat exchangers reach heat recovery efficiency values up to 90%.

Our solutions are economical

  • Be ready for the upcoming standard VDI 3803. Hoval has a calculation method to calculate the effective leakage. The air streams in the air handling unit will be minimised. This not only results in savings during production but also in operation.
  • Optimise the setting of the innovative purge sector of the rotary heat exchanger for pressure conditions in the air handling unit. You will thereby prevent unnecessary leakage and performance losses. Save costs and energy for your air handling unit.
  • Save installation costs. We implement one-piece Hoval rotary heat exchangers with sizes up to 2620 mm. Segmented heat exchangers with sizes up to 5000 mm.

You can depend on Hoval

  • Profit from the many years of experience of our Hoval specialists and receive valuable application tips. Competent technical support is a given at Hoval.
  • You can rely on certified performance data and especially high leaktightness. As a founding member of the Eurovent Certification Program for rotary heat exchangers, our name stands for reliable data.
  • You can depend on our delivery dates. Hoval stands for absolute punctuality.